Anthony Hopkins In James Bond 23

Rumors are circulating that Anthony Hopkins has been tapped to play a villain in the upcoming Bond 23 movie and may become a recurring role for Bond 24. The gossip in Hollywood is that the producers of the upcoming Bond flick only want to invest in Hopkins appearance if he can play in both upcoming movies (MGM has secured a distribution deal for two more Bond outings). Hopkins is said to be reluctant to be tied down to two or more appearances but there are ongoing talks about concessions. I personally believe it would be a great boost to the franchise to add Hopkins as man behind the scenes like Blofeld. But this is a new century,the super villain role would have to be updated to match the times. Any one seeing Anthony Hopkins stroking a Persian cat in a 60’s style egg chair would automatically be reminded of Austin Powers (I meant, stroking the cat with his hand of course…).

Had a good laugh, ok, let’s move on.

Last month there were even stronger rumors that Javier Bardem was tapped to play a villain in Bond 23 as well. Are the producers, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson trying to pull out all the stops here to guarantee a blockbuster return by having both actors play a villain in the upcoming movie? I personally would love to see Hopkins and Bardem battle Bond but I’m afraid it would overshadow Bond as the main character by having two acting heavyweights as his nemesis? Also note that Daniel Craig’s contract was only for three Bond appearances. Unless Craig’s contract is extended, Craig will only see Hopkins stroke the proverbial Persian cat once.

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