Contract Killer Roles For New Bond Girl

Fresh from her role as Belle in the 2014 Beauty And The Beast (La Belle Et La Bete) and Saint Laurent, this French beauty has the acting chops to play the femme fatale and possible contract killer in the new James Bond film Spectre.  Most of her fans will remember that she played an assassin for hire in 2011’s Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Is this the reason why she was plucked to play Madeleine Swann in Bond 24. Before she won the Palm d’Or for Blue Is The Warmest Colour, she was formally introduced to American and British audiences through 2010’s Robin Hood and 2009’s Inglourious Basterds where she enacted her own personal revenge against an up and coming Nazi hero and film star.

With the Bond film rumored to be a revision of the 1965 film, Thunderball, I suspect that Lea’s character, Madeleine Swann will be similar to Domino in the original 1965 film and possibly, Sam Mendes, the director will set a memorable interaction or fight scene between Lea and Monica Bellucci, the voluptuous Bond girl that will play Lucia Sciarra in Spectre. I can only hope!

The Most Dangerous Bond Girl To Hit The Big Screen

MonicaB3They say, “with age comes wisdom” and at 50 years old, this Bond Girl is no pawn but a dangerous chess piece waiting to eliminate the first agent that miscalculates her motives. Sam Mendes, the director of the new Bond film Spectre, which happens to be a 21st century retelling of Ian Fleming’s Thunderball, has tantalized the whole world by including the most recognizable Italian actress to have ever entered the Bond sphere. Internationally known for her beauty as well as her ability to steal a scene with just her sumptuous and stern facial expressions, Monica Bellucci is mysterious enough to have Bond fans wondering if she will be Bond’s ally or will she be an agent of Spectre. richard-aujard-monica-bellucciMonica’s international roles include the 2003 Matrix Reloaded where she played a jilted virtual program who helps Keanu Reeves overcome her lover’s firewall. The 2002 surreal Irreversible film portrays her as the object of desire of two men with both evil and altruistic motives. In Tears of The Sun she showed her acting depth when she played a U.S. citizen, by marriage, who refused to be extracted from a hot zone without her patients. There are plenty of actors that stand in as chess pieces Monica Bellucci can maneuver as Lucia Sciarra. With Jesper Christensen revealing that he will be reprising his role as Mr White, the surprise inclusion of Christoph Waltz as Blofeld and Andrew Scott as an MI6 agent fresh from his role as Moriarty in BBC’s Sherlock, we will stand to witness the most interesting Bond movie yet or at least the best Thunderball remake ever devised. Spectre started filming on December 8, 2014 and continues filming in Mexico City and throughout Northern Europe. Recently on December 10th, 9 cars reportedly customized for the film have been stolen in Germany during production. 5 of the stolen vehicles were Land Rovers Sports in Dusseldorf.  The total theft was estimated at £630,000 in vehicles.

Spectre Is Back with The Ultimate James Bond Villain

Christoph-BaldFinally, Spectre is back in the realm of James Bond as the ultimate terrorist organization out for ultimate profits with mayhem and it’s up to 007 to disrupt their group once and for all but the producers are keeping a tight lip about their motivations within the script but we do know that the most dangerous villain Bond has yet to face in over 3 movies starring Daniel Craig is now being revealed as Blofeld himself and he will be played by no other than the most celebrated actor ever to play a villain, Christoph Waltz from 2009’s Unglourious Basterds and 2012’s Django Unchained.

It’s a new day and age for terrorism for profit and yet it will be particularly amiss if the writers and producers decide to skip over the nostalgic kitsch that we have all have grown up expecting to see from Ernst Stavro Blofeld from movies like From Russia With Love, You Only Live Twice as well as On her Majesty Secret Service, stroking a docile blue-eyed haired cat, eliminating failed operatives with a push of a button and sending out Number 2 to dole out his dirty work but I suspect that the Academy Award and Golden Globe wining director, Sam Mendes who directed the last James Bond film, Skyfall and has brought us Award wining films like American Beauty and Road To Perdition will insist on bringing the wit and realism that today’s audiences seem to enjoy and expect from Sam Mendes films.

Andrew-ScottNow I do suspect that the movie will be filled with a tremendous amount of witty dialog for Blofeld since they picked an actor who can deliver his lines with such delight and overstatement at just the right moments without overselling the scene that you will look forward to watching him over and over again when the video shows up on Netflix sometime in 2016. I, on the other hand, want to see interactions between Christoph’s Blofeld and  Andrew Scott, the glorious master criminal Moriarty in the BBC series Sherlock playing an MI6 agent in this outing as well as Monica Bellucci’s character, Lucia Sciarra in the movie as one of the Bond Girls in Spectre.

The 5 Most Dangerous Bond Girls

Beautiful Bond Girls come and go but dangerous Bond Girls compete to take out mutual adversaries. We list the 5 most dangerous Bond Girls and allow you to vote on many more.

Naomi – The Spy Who Loved Me

Caroline Monro played the ill-fated helicopter pilot Naomi in the Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. In one of the franchise’s most memorable car chase sequences, she seductively winks at Bond while trying to gun him down from her helicopter. In her role as Naomi, she holds the distinction of being the first woman ever undeniably killed by James Bond.

Pros:  Helicopter pilot, Machine gun operator. Knows how to operate both at the same time.

Con:  Some say she picked the wrong side, others believe she was too busy flirting with Bond to take a clear shot.

Pussy Galore – Goldfinger

Who can forget that name or the way she said it with a straight face? Apparently not Bond, his reply, “I must be dreaming.”

Pussy Galore is the owner of a flying circus. Gorgeous women are her only employees and they are very precise and loyal.  She was the main part of the plan to take on Fort Knox along with Goldfinger’s henchmen. Unfortunately, her time was split between planning the biggest heist the world has ever seen and keeping James Bond too busy to notice.

Honor Blackman who played the character of Pussy Galore actually worked for MI5 for some time before she started her acting career where she landed the role of Mrs. Gale on the 60’s spy show The Avengers.

Pros:  Has a name and a face that can stop any man in his tracks, business woman, mature, can handle muscle, not afraid of James Bond or her employee.

Cons:  A name you really can’t take seriously, flying circus? Gives in to Bond’s charm


Wai Len – Tomorrow Never Dies

Wai Lin is a spy for the Chinese People’s External Security Force in the rank of colonel and skilled in martial arts. She first encounters Bond when she is sent (under the disguise as a Xinhua News Agency reporter) to investigate the disappearance of stealth material from a People’s Liberation Army base that is connected to media mogul Elliot Carver’s plan to start a war between the People’s Republic of China and the United Kingdom.

Super agent Wai Len has her own secret gadget lair that would make even Q, the quartermaster who provides James Bond with all his dangerous toys, jealous. Relentless in her pursuit of her investigation and target, James Bond at first seems to be in the way but proves to be a reliable ally in taking down Carver and preventing war.

Pros:  Self reliant, martial arts, can scale walls and mean with a machine gun, perfect passenger on a motorcycle.

Cons:  I haven’t found one yet.

Jinx – Die Another Day

Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson is an NSA agent who joins with Bond to spy on Gustav Graves and his conflict diamonds.  She’s backed up by the US government and it’s apparent from the beginning that she also has a license to kill after shooting a prominent doctor at a private clinic in Havana.

Jinx knows that James Bond is an agent even though he is under an assumed identity and considers him a means to an end in causing mayhem while investigating and tracking Graves from Cuba to Iceland.

Die Another Day was such a big hit that Jinx was almost given a spinoff movie and Mattel, the toy company made the first Bond doll based on the character from the movie.

Pros:  Handy with a sword, NSA agent, License to kill

Con:  Apparently icy situations is not her forte

Miss Moneypenny – Skyfall

Now, who would have thought that Miss Moneypenny was a gun toting assassin with an itchy trigger.  Trained by MI6 as an assassin and floating box, Monneypenny accidently shoots Bond off a moving train while trying to prevent a hard drive with floating box and hunting pack MI6 agents from coming out in the open.

In previous incarnations, Miss Moneypenny is the secretary to M with top secret clearance forever trying to bed and wed James Bond but in Skyfall she is her own woman in the field and can manage changing situations as they happen.

Four actresses portrayed Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond film series. Let’st see if there are more surprises on hand with the new Moneypenny incarnation.

Pros:  Paid attention in car chasing class, top secret clearance, resourceful field agent

Cons:  Handy with a rifle but not with moving targets.

The Glamorous Skyfall Bond Girl

The voluptuous Bond siren known as Severine in the 23rd Bond film “Skyfall” has brought back not only the full figured Bond Girl but a throwback from the Thunderball Bond Girls of Claudine Auger and Luciana Paluzzi.

Bérénice Marlohe was born in Paris, France, daughter to a French mother and a Khmer-Chinese father. Her mother is a teacher and her father is a doctor. She originally held aspirations of becoming a pianist, as well as an artist, studying at the prestigious French arts school Conservatoire de Paris for ten years.
She had trouble getting on screen roles in France because people did not think she fit the mould of a French actress. Before Bond, her performances were primarily rooted in small roles on French TV.

She is known to be a strong believer in fate. During an interview, she claimed to have dreamt of acting alongside Javier Bardem six months before the Bond audition. After the dream, she knew that everything would be fine. It was not until the second audition for Skyfall that someone actually mentioned to her that Bardem might also be cast.

“I felt safe because I felt strongly connected with the Bond universe since many, many times so instinctively, I knew what I wanted to reach and Sam [Mendes] is so amazing because he’s so brilliant, but more than that, he’s a beautiful human being, with a wonderful sense of humor and you just feel at home and free to explore things. I could try everything I wanted to try, thanks to those amazing people,” she said.

“Skyfall” has already set a new UK record, breaking the UK box office record previously held by “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2.” In its first week in theaters in the UK, “Skyfall” earned $59.86 million. “Deathly Hallows Part 2″ earned $57.4 million. The Bond flick is also the third-highest grossing film of the year in the UK, behind “The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Avengers.”

Does the “Official” Skyfall Trailer Give Away Too Much?

Here is a response to the trailer from YouTube:

“They gave away too much of the story, other than that looks like it could be really good. However, Craig is not the best Bond since Connery, that is why the Bond franchise has had so much trouble since Casino Royale, everyone liked it, but something isn’t Bond about Bond anymore. Heck, I’d rank George Lazenby over Craig.”

To tell you the truth, I agree. Seem like trailers nowadays are becoming mini movies of themselves. Hopefully there is at least one plot twist we don’t see coming like the one at the end of Casino Royale in 2006.
Tell us what you think…

James Bond “Skyfall” Trailer

Finally, our first look at the teaser trailer that introduces the new installment in the James Bond series. It’s been 4 long years for us but this next film starts where Quantum of Silence left off.  Shot in IMAX, Skyfall puts Bond in a compromising position when he goes out of his way to protect M from her past and the rest of MI6. Craig also gets two new Bond Girls to help and hinder him on his new quest to save the world, and Naomie Harris, who we suspected earlier to be the new Miss Moneypenny, gets a lot closer to Craig’s Bond in the trailer, seemingly a friend rather than foe – at least for now.

Who Should Play The Next James Bond

Vote: Who would you like to play the next James Bond. Would he be suave and sensitive like Roger Moore or tough and direct like Sean Connery. Vote for your favorite British or American actor you would like to become the next Bond.

This may be the last outing as James Bond for Daniel Craig. He has the option to play Bond one more time after this year’s Skyfall but has hinted that he may not continue the role after Bond 23.

So, let’s get an early start picking the 3rd 21st century James Bond and let’s hope for plenty of action as well as good acting…

Spying On Skyfall

In “Skyfall” (due out in theaters November 2012), James Bond’s loyalty to his superior M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. When MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost. The much awaited action film is also supported by Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Berenice Marlohe and Ben Whishaw.

Sam Mendes works behind the lens for this twenty third Bond film, which will open wide in the U.S. on November 9. The movie will also become the first one in the franchise to get an IMAX treatment.

Spotted on the set was Daniel Craig as Bond himself. The blue-eyed actor was snapped wearing a dust-covered striped grey suit that he paired with a blue shirt. He was seen putting on an ear piece as he seemingly tackles his spy duty on the London streets.

Here, we spy on a few pics from the set of “Skyfall”