Japanese Pistol Camera

Today I’ve got to share with you the greatest video camera I have ever seen in the world, ever. It is the DORYU 2-16 pistol camera. It is 16mm, Japanese police-issue camera. I found one of these pictures through DenBompa with no info attached, so I had to do a little searching on my own. Turns out http://akiroom.com/ had just what I needed! Also thank you to Mr. Ryu Koakimoto for holding the pistol.

This camera was a serious tool for the police, and not a toy.
It is a pistol camera DORYU 2-16, famous for being the first traffic camera and is a rare value.
The DORYU 2-16 has the same C mount as the 16mm movie camera.
A Cine-Nikkor 25mm F1.4 lens was able to be mounted in the DORYU 2-16 pistol camera.
You can find the small lens for GOLDECK 16 on the table.
The sniper who has the pistol is Ryu Koakimoto-san.

It’s a strange world we live in.

I’d love to own one of these, but then there’s always the issue of being able to use it. I WOULDN’T be able to use it. People already get themselves in trouble for using airsoft guns in Europe and in the States, don’t you think I’d get totally busted for using a video pistol gun?! Cripes.

Anyway, this is a design masterpiece. Feast your eyes upon it. And if you’ve got a line on one, send an email my way. Thats chrisb @ worldfamousdesignjunkies.com – I mean it, no joke! This post is straight from the World Famous Design Junkies weird files.

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