Battle Of The Bond Girls

Since the enigmatic James Bond movie franchise began nearly five decades ago, one role has remained vital to the success of the lineage: the Bond Girl! Often overshadowing 007 in terms of building excitement for upcoming releases, Bond Girls have become synonymous with sexy, smart, stylish and oh so bad-ass. The characters have evolved with the times, and are no longer merely eye candy for James to bust a suave move on.

While there have been several times the lovely lasses were pitted against Bond, what would happen if they battled one another? The “Who is the hottest Bond Girl?” debate seems to resurface every time a new film is released, paralleled by “Who was the best actor to play James?” The burning question you should be asking yourself, however, is who would win in hand to hand combat, if these ladies of espionage were to take on one another?

The Contenders

Halle Berry “Die Another Day” (2002)
In the left corner is, Academy Award Winner (three words you rarely hear strung together in the same story as “Bond Girl”), Halle Berry, aka Jinx. Her character (so named for being born on Friday the 13th) was adept with guns and knives and knew how to rock the bikini Honey Ryder style, emerging from the sea like a retro nymph on a mission.

MichelleYeohMichelle Yeoh “Tomorrow Never Dies” (1997)
In the right corner is, Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin — the Chinese hell cat who can control the world’s greatest spy, even while handcuffed and riding backward on a motorcycle through crowed city streets under gunfire.
Round One: Jinx vs. Wai Lin

While both Wai and Jinx were the femme fatales of Bronsan, Pierce Bronsan, the chemistry each exuded on screen was as different as the unique nationalities they represent. Though 007 is known for his ladies man-isms, The American, Jinx was actually the first to be seen in the act of sex with the agent giving new meaning to the phrase “double ‘O’.” Wai Lin, on the other hand, was more the nemesis-turned-reluctant-lover. Her “first” runs contrary to Jinx, in that Lin was the first to refuse Bond’s attempts at seduction…until the end of the story, that is.

Both of these ladies represent strong breakthroughs in the role of women as Bond-aids, but if push came to shove, the betting money is on Lin. Breaking into the man’s world of Hong Kong action flicks is no small feat. Her skill as a martial artist would outweigh Jinx’s sexy blade handling. True, Ms. Jinx wins her flick in an epic sword duel of Kill Bill proportions, but Wai has the sword play background as well as marksmanship and hand to hand prowess on lock.

If the battle was based on babe-aliciousness alone, Jinx would win by a landside. I mean, who can compete with the Halle Berry? That said, if you put the two unarmed divas in a steel cage hovering over a shark infested tank in an underground lair, Wai Lin wins every time.

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  1. Halle Berry hands down! She might not have the skills of Michelle but she can persuade all of MI6 to kick her ass just by asking.

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