James Bond Rebooted

Now that the ink is almost dry on Spyglass Studios take over of MGM this year in November and rumors that Indian movie conglomerate, Sahara India Pariwar were bidding to take over MGM with a $2 billion bid was just a stock ploy, EON Productions, presently under MGM, can now concentrate on the next few Bond incarnations

Daniel Craig is contracted to play Bond one more time between now and  2015 but what about the future of the franchise. I asked quite a few Bond fans what they think and found out that most of them like the direction that Daniel Craig took the Bond franchise but would make some noticable changes to give it more of a feel of earlier Bond movie adventures.

One: Under Spyglass Studios influence as a well tuned production house let’s get a more experienced witer and director.  Jeffrey Archer Bond Novel “A Matter of Honour” could be the next adventure that can bring considerable depth.

Two: After Daniel Craig’s departure, convince Clive Owen that he is the next Bond. He reminds fans of a battle weary George Lazenby and could carry the franchise for several movies. Spyglass has the money to make it happen but are they willing to spend the money it would take to keep him on for at least 3 movies.

Three: Keep exploring the beginnings of Bond. This can be a little tricky since messing with the mystic of Bond being omnipotent vs learning on the job can make for a disaster or a blockbusting boost to the Bond series.

What are some of the changes you would make to the Bond franchise? Would you give more weight to the Bond Girl role or would you explore bringing James back to an early 60’s era similar stylized after the TV show Mad Men? Let us know.

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