The Most Dangerous Bond Girl To Hit The Big Screen

MonicaB3They say, “with age comes wisdom” and at 50 years old, this Bond Girl is no pawn but a dangerous chess piece waiting to eliminate the first agent that miscalculates her motives. Sam Mendes, the director of the new Bond film Spectre, which happens to be a 21st century retelling of Ian Fleming’s Thunderball, has tantalized the whole world by including the most recognizable Italian actress to have ever entered the Bond sphere. Internationally known for her beauty as well as her ability to steal a scene with just her sumptuous and stern facial expressions, Monica Bellucci is mysterious enough to have Bond fans wondering if she will be Bond’s ally or will she be an agent of Spectre. richard-aujard-monica-bellucciMonica’s international roles include the 2003 Matrix Reloaded where she played a jilted virtual program who helps Keanu Reeves overcome her lover’s firewall. The 2002 surreal Irreversible film portrays her as the object of desire of two men with both evil and altruistic motives. In Tears of The Sun she showed her acting depth when she played a U.S. citizen, by marriage, who refused to be extracted from a hot zone without her patients. There are plenty of actors that stand in as chess pieces Monica Bellucci can maneuver as Lucia Sciarra. With Jesper Christensen revealing that he will be reprising his role as Mr White, the surprise inclusion of Christoph Waltz as Blofeld and Andrew Scott as an MI6 agent fresh from his role as Moriarty in BBC’s Sherlock, we will stand to witness the most interesting Bond movie yet or at least the best Thunderball remake ever devised. Spectre started filming on December 8, 2014 and continues filming in Mexico City and throughout Northern Europe. Recently on December 10th, 9 cars reportedly customized for the film have been stolen in Germany during production. 5 of the stolen vehicles were Land Rovers Sports in Dusseldorf.  The total theft was estimated at £630,000 in vehicles.

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