Meet The New Q

Many fans were disappointed when the popular Q character was not brought back for the last two James Bond films starring Daniel Craig.  It was mentioned that Bond was taking a new direction by becoming more grittier and less reliant on MI6 gadgets. Fortunately for Q fans, time changes everything. Now it seems the financial troubles at MGM studios which delayed the new Bond movies which they produced traditionally every two years when an actor is under contract is in trouble of being side tracked by new superspy franchises. With the success of – – Sherlock Holmes and the fast action but gritty outings of Jason Bourne and Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt, Bond has found himself in a crowded market of good and sometimes intelligent films with clandestine themes. For this reason it seems the producers are throwing in the nostolgic arsenal of Q gadgets as well as revamping the role of the Quartermaster to guarantee a smashing comeback. It was rumored online that Benedict Cumberbatch of the BBC’s present day stylized Sherlock Holmes series would be cast as Q which would be a considerable change because of his age and face recognition. Unfortunately his calendar has been filled with the new Star Trek movie and the final season of Sherlock. So instead, British actor Ben Whishaw has been cast as the spy-gadget specialist in the new Bond thriller “Skyfall”. Mendes, the director definitely wanted to fill the role with a much younger Q. Wishaw has been a series regular on BBC’s 1950’s era TV drama “The Hour” and has also starred in a new movie adaptation of “The Tempest” with Helen Mirren.

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