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Pierce Brosnan. A combination of Sean Connery toughness and Roger Moore charm. Brosnan raised the bar for what it meant to be James Bond. Salary wise, his contracts with the Bond  franchise was more lucrative than the previous four Bond actors combined as well as the new Bond, Daniel Craig to date. Pierce is also known to have more input in the scripting and action sequences of his movies than the other actors as well.

In his early years Pierce Brosnan was a fire eater, circus performer and later a professional stage actor. Trained at the Drama Centre London.

In 1982, Brosnan moved to Southern California and rose to popularity in the United States playing the title role in the NBC romantic detective series Remington Steele. The Washington Post noted that same year that Brosnan “could make it as a young James Bond.” AfterRemington Steele ended in 1987, Brosnan went on to appear in several films, including The Fourth Protocol (1987), a Cold War thriller in which he starred alongside Michael Caine, The Deceivers and James Clavell’s Noble House both in (1988), and The Lawnmower Man (1992).

Brosnan was signed for a three-film Bond deal with the option of a fourth. The first, 1995’s GoldenEye, grossed US $350 million worldwide, the fourth highest worldwide gross of any film in 1995, making it the most successful Bond film since Moonraker, taking inflation into account.

Pierce also protected his pockets by ensuring that his contract allowed him to perform in other movies like The Thomas Crown Affair and The Tailor of Panama in between his role as James Bond. He even produced some of the movies through his production company he formed in 1996 called Irish DreamTime.

During his tenure on the James Bond films, Brosnan also took part in James Bond video games. In 2002, Brosnan’s likeness was used as the face of Bond in the James Bond video game Nightfire (voiced by Maxwell Caulfield). In 2004, Brosnan also starred in the Bond game Everything or Nothing, contracting for his likeness to be used as well as doing the voice-work for the character.

Even though he challenges himself with complicated roles, Pierce Brosnan continues to play suave characters similar to James Bond outside of the franchise with movies like 2004’s After The Sunset and 2005’s The Matador

In 2009, Brosnan finished the well-received movie The Ghost Writer, playing a disgraced British Prime Minister, directed and produced by Roman Polanski. The film won a Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival. He starred as Charles Hawkins in the film Remember Me and as Chiron in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, both released in 2010.
In 2011, Pierce Brosnan will appear in Spy-Spoof Sequel, Johnny English Reborn, where he will be playing the role of Ambrose. The film is due to be released in the UK on 7 October 2011.

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