In order to celebrate our illustrious 007, I’ve come up on my take on Bond’s deadliest villains, a kind of un-magnificent seven. Your opinions may very.

7. Le Chiffre (“Casino Royale) With his bleeding eye and creepy manner, Le Chiffre would undoubtedly give any woman her worst date ever. Mads Mikkelsen, who has a very odd vibe as Le Chiffre, is a HUGE star in Denmark.

6. Scaramanga (“The Man With the Golden Gun”) Tall , slender and elegant, Scaramanga brings an Old World charm to his Bond film villainy. Christopher Lee, who has spent more of his career biting people in the neck than shooting them, shines in a memorable change-of-pace role.

5. Rosa Klebb (“From Russia With Love”) With her rough face and trick knife, Klebb is a dangerous, short stuff nightmare. Lotte Lenya, as Rosa Klebb, really knew how to work that killer shoe.

4. Red Grant (“From Russia With Love”) Red Grant is so big, and so determined, he seems more like an unstoppable force of nature than a normal mortal. Robert Shaw, who was a popular novelist as well as an actor, was never again as tough, or as fit, as he is here.

3. Dr. No ( “Dr. No”) Dr. No, with his sinister world domination plan, is a worthy foe for our boy James. Although an Asian actor would undoubtedly be used today, in these oh-so PC times, Joseph Wiseman is wonderfully sinister as the Asian mad man with metal arms.

2 . Goldfinger (“Goldfinger”) Goldfinger is the epitome of the smiling villain. In the famous laser scene, he seems to really relish Bond’s discomfort. Rotund and cheery, Gert Frobe seemed born to play the role.

1. Odd Job (“Goldfinger”) The fact that Odd Job is tough, has a killer hat AND doesn’t speak adds up to one trifecta of toughness. Although the competition was intense, Harold Sakata ultimately snagged the job, earning himself both a place in Hollywood film history AND a comfortable perch at the top of my Bond bad guy list.

Do you have your own thoughts on Bond’s best villains? Good. Twitter amongst yourselves.

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  1. I thought Max Zorin was an especially fiendish villain. The way he laughed, his glee when he machine-gunned the drowning men in the mine sent chills through my spine.

  2. Pierce Brosnan will always be my faverite James Bond. He was smooth with the Ladies, and cunning against the Villians. I wish he had done Casino Royale….

  3. You can’t possibly leave out Ernst Stavro Blofeld as the baddest baddie of them all. The rest were small fry compared to this megalomaniac with dreams of world conquest.

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