Unleash Your Inner James Bond

Bond Ambitions is calling on all writers who happen to love James Bond books, films and of course the Bond Ambitions website to express their inner Bond by submitting James Bond fan fiction stories.
Why should we wait for the next movie (November 2012) or the next book to satisfy the continuation of Quantum of Solace or “what if” scenarios of Bond turning rogue. As fans let us expand the Bond universe. Please submit short stories only. A short story can range from 150 to 3,500 words. It can include the main character, James Bond or any character from the franchise. You can even invent new characters with Bond like missions such as another double O agent or nemesis.
You can submit your short story here at Fan Fiction Submission.

Once your submission has been accepted we will send you an email letting you know when it will be published. We do not claim ownership of your submission but we do ask that you submit a story of your own since we do publish your name to the work.

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