A Gadget James Bond Would Envy

Remember when James Bond was able to maneuver his camera equipped 750 iL BMW through a multi-level car park from the back seat,  avoiding and taking out bad guys by using his Q provided Ericsson phone which happen to have a camera viewer and remote control for the car in Tomorrow Never Dies .

Now you can buy that same technology. Granted the car is scaled down to fit inside your home. Non the less, you can still remotely drive a remote controlled RC with a video camera, a mic, and speaker throughout your home from anywhere in the world using your mobile phone. Rovio from Wow Wee has created an app that works on both your Android powered mobile as well as an iPhone that looks similar to what James Bond was viewing and controlling from the backseat of his 750 iL with the added features of being able to communicate with anyone (or anything) that happens to be at your home or apartment.

The setup is pretty easy. The Rovio uses your home Wi-fi connection to the Internet to allow you to control the unit from anywhere using either a mobile phone, computer or even a Sony Playstation or Xbox.  If you are technophobe and don’t know wi-fi from your toaster then find the nearest teenager, offer them a few slices of pizza and watch them put the whole system together for you in less than 15 minutes. that’s including setting up and teaching you how to view and control the Rovio from your phone. Click here for more info on the Rovio and where you can get one.

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