How To Be Like Bond….James Bond

I came across an article written by Richard Shelmerdine that narrowed down a few key points that show why Bond is Bond. Learning how to be like James Bond could fill volumes of books full of personality traits so I can appreciate an article that gets to the point.

“#1 Mindset

Bonds mind is completely focused on the task at hand. This is why he appears to be so confident outwardly because he has got his game together on the inside. He has control of his emotions and actually acts out on the thing that we all say we do which is “Do not care what anyone else thinks”.

#2 Physique

Bond is physically prepared for anything that life throws at him. Anyone could get into a fight with you when you go out tonight. He spends time toning his physique also to get respect from others. By respecting your body, others will have more respect for you. Not just because you look physically dangerous but also because you respect yourself. A good body is great, but the clothes are what show. Being the best dressed man in the room is essential. Dress perfectly in clean cut suits and clothes. He is a master of occasions and dresses perfectly to fit the occasion. If you are going to play tennis you wear short, etc.

#3 Confidence

James Bond is so darn confident that he believes that he can do anything. This is a great mindset to have, confidence bordering on arrogance. But do not confuse this with thinking others are less worthy than you. And Finally…

#4 Can Charm The Pants Off Any Woman

Bond is as suave as they come. His perfectly sharpened humour, manners and ruggedness make women drool at the sheer sight of him. Learn how to develop his personality traits and you will too have the same results and learn how to be like James Bond.”

The only thing I would add to Shelmerdine’s article is Bond’s ability to get to the point in any conversation. When we are confident that we know a particular subject we tend to ramble on trying to prove our extensive knowledge of it but if you’ll notice, James Bond only gives one sentence answers. The answer will be short and sweet but insightful. This gives Bond the aura that even though he’s knowledgeable, his time is valuable. Nothing turns on a woman more than a man who can get to the point and sometimes answer all her questions with one simple word….. “Yes”.

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