What Would Bond Do?

Sean-ConneryThe Cold War ended many years ago. The economy has its ups and downs and the minister reponsible for MI6 is downsizing the agency. If James Bond lost his license to kill per se, What would Bond do? Looking at his interests and exploits in several adventures I’m assuming there are skills that  he can apply to just about anything he sets his mind to, for example, in several films like On Her Majesty Secret Service, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker and The World Is Not Enough, James exhibits unmatched skiing skills by flipping over lunch benches and skiing lodges while dodging henchmen bullets with ease. If that’s not the ultimate ski instructor, I don’t know who is. Another skill that he applies in almost every movie is his uncanny ability to overcome any foe with what I call Bond Fu. Bond Fu is similar to Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kon Do, rough translation, “overcoming one’s opponent by any means quick and necessary” but with Bond Fu there’s a twist, mainly, overcoming one’s opponent by any means entertaining and necessary”. Bond does more than hurt you, he has to break you and send you to your doom with a one liner that seals your fate. Also, Who taught Bond how to drive? There hasn’t been a vehicle he’s been in that he hasn’t destroyed while successfully getting away or catching up to the bad guy. If Bond ever went rogue we all know a good get away car driver, as long as you don’t need the car afterwards. Better yet, demolition derby may be the way to go.


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