Finally, A New Bond Movie

Daniel-Craig2A story line that takes Bond through Greece,┬áMonaco and other locations.┬áHe’s back in a new adventure that sets him on a course that can make or break his double “O” status. EON productions created a cinamatic suprise with plenty of action and suspense. Featuring Jos Stone’s sultry voice in the title song and of course, Daniel Craig in the title role. But why isn’t it coming to a theater near you? Because it’s a cenimatic movie within a videogame. Even though I haven’t been interested in videogames in awhile, I feel it makes perfect sense to move ahead with a videogame that is presented pretty much like a new movie. Fans that are 32 years and younger know Bond as a movie and a videogame character. With the success of From Russia With Love as a videogame, Bloodstone is a game that looks ready to bring in some serious cash as well as new fans. Because of the bankruptcy of MGM (possibly being bought by Spyglass Entertainment next month), the next Bond film is on indefinite hold. Eon Productions, the license holders of the James Bond franchise is still flexible enough to work with other mediums that can keep fans interested in the world of Bond. Jos Stone lends her voice as the new Bond Girl as well as Judi Dench and Daniel Craig lending their voice to the production. What more can you ask for (except another movie or a book). For my enjoyment, I’m planning to let my 16 year old son play the game while I sit back with a Stoli and lemon peel on the rocks and watch the show. See for yourself how cinematic the new game is with this gameplay demo that was presented in London a few months ago;

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  1. Yeah! I’m planning on getting my nephew to come over and play Bloodstone while I watch! Great idea! I wonder if you can view all of the cut scenes back to back?

  2. Once Spyglass takes over we will see Bond in action again on the big screen but I have a feeling Daniel Craig won’t be back.

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