The Other GoldenEye

During the 1988-1994 production gap of James Bond films, between Timothy Dalton’s License to Kill and Pierce Brosnan’s GoldenEye, there was still some “new” James Bond material to be screened in 2 made-for-TV movies:
Goldeneye: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming – the Real James Bond (1989)

Taking its title from Ian Fleming’s home in Jamaica [also used for the 1995 Brosnan film], the film stars Charles Dance (who also appeared in For Your Eyes Only) as Fleming, and begins with him giving an interview recounting some of his real-life exploits. The film manages to include the origins of the name James Bond, “007” and “shaken, not stirred” among other cliches. Dance, who can be both oddly reptilian looking and handsome at times, is very effective as Fleming. One can see why there was some talk after Roger Moore stepped down of his taking over the role of James Bond. The script is said to be based on John Pearson’s book The Life of Ian Fleming.

This is from the VHS release:

CDance“Charles Dance stars as Commander Ian Fleming, the enigmatic playboy and adventurer who created 007 James Bond, the world’s deadliest secret agent. But Fleming’s super spy was not just the invention of a fertile imagination. His inspiration was his own life. A love of adventure led him into wartime espionage. His love of women led him into trouble. Seductive and charming, he broke many hearts but had one love. Phyllis Logan stars as Ann Rothermere, the beautiful wife of an English press baron who captured his heart. Filmed on location at Fleming’s Jamaican retreat and in London, Goldeneye is the story of a remarkable man: his life, his loves and his legacy.”

Spymaker: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming (1990)

spymakerThis movie initially relies on the stunt casting of the first cinematic James Bond’s son, Jason Connery, as young Ian Fleming. But the younger Connery is quite good, and looks great in a tux. This film also stars former A View to a Kill Bond girl Fiona Fullerton and Kristin Scott Thomas (whose sister Serena was Bond’s doctor in the beginning of The World is Not Enough). Here is the blurb from the VHS release:

“Torrid love affairs. Elegant and erotic women. Spine-tingling espionage. Exotic locales. Diabolical villains. The man who created James Bond, Ian Fleming, actually lived the most exciting spy thriller of all. His adventures span the world — from Russia (with love and betrayal) to a top-secret Nazi fortress, where he defeats the enemy on His Majesty’s secret service. Born into an aristocratic English family, his sexual exploits and talent for danger and intrigue destine him for the life of a hero and a spy. He single-handedly outwits Soviet intelligence, foils an SS monster at a glamourous casino, steals the secrets of the German high command and storms an enemy stronghold against impossible odds. Evil adversaries are no match for his strength and cunning. The fastest cars. The most desirable women. The most hazardous missions. A sizzling, action-packed adventure of the life of the man who created James Bond — Fleming. Ian Fleming.”

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