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Meet The New Q

Many fans were disappointed when the popular Q character was not brought back for the last two James Bond films starring Daniel Craig.  It was mentioned that Bond was taking a new direction by becoming more grittier and less reliant on MI6 gadgets. Fortunately for Q fans, time changes everything. Now it seems the financial […]

The Return Of Q Branch

Bond: Ejector seat, your joking? Q: I never joke about my work 007! Where would 007 be without Q?  “If it hadn’t been for Q Branch, you’d have been dead long ago” quoted Q in License To Kill.  Q frequently refers to Bond as “007”, rather than by his name. Despite the great annoyance Bond […]

Bond Gadgets Made Real

I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed Q’s amazing James Bond Gadgets over the years.  However, have you wondered if any of the amazing gizmos ever made it into the real world? In You Only Live Twice (1967), Gyrojet rocket guns, which fired small missiles instead bullets, were featured. Around this time, both the British and American […]

Japanese Pistol Camera

Today I’ve got to share with you the greatest video camera I have ever seen in the world, ever. It is the DORYU 2-16 pistol camera. It is 16mm, Japanese police-issue camera. I found one of these pictures through DenBompa with no info attached, so I had to do a little searching on my own. Turns […]

Top Ten Bond Gadgets

Original Post: IGN Movies 10. Bond’s Rolex in Live and Let Die As seen in Roger Moore’s big-screen Bond debut, this Rolex does more than merely tell time. It’s equipped with a high-powered electromagnet (good for deflecting bullets), which Bond uses not only to unzip ladies’ dresses but also to retrieve a compressed air gun in […]