What Would Bond Do?
Tuesday July 25th 2017

Who Should Play The Next James Bond

Vote: Who would you like to play the next James Bond. Would he be suave and sensitive like Roger Moore or tough and direct like Sean Connery. Vote for your favorite British or American actor you would like to become the next Bond.

This may be the last outing as James Bond for Daniel Craig. He has the option to play Bond one more time after this year’s Skyfall but has hinted that he may not continue the role after Bond 23.

So, let’s get an early start picking the 3rd 21st century James Bond and let’s hope for plenty of action as well as good acting…

3 Comments for “Who Should Play The Next James Bond”

  • Marcel Naidoo says:

    As 007 is an icon of the typical English gentleman,before now only Roger Moore in my opinion qualified.However, I think the only ones who look the part are John Hamm and Gerard Butler.From those two I would definitely choose John Hamm.The others either look too young or plain out of the running.

  • J. HUERTA says:

    another option are very plastic,,,whitout carisma,,,tom hardy are strong,,very male like connery,,,greted style…another good option is john hamm….gerard butler only will be a cliche,,,In a movie with pierce brosnan, i dont remember the name,,, obiously brosnan looks much better….only think guys,,,a bond movie whit Nolan and tom hardy,,,,,,,espectacular

  • sandeep chandra myle says:

    i think i choose a bollywood actor hrithik roshan who is fantastic in style , appeal he is the one i want to see the next bond

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