From Beijing With Love
James Bond parodies have become a staple from the very beginning. On almost every continent there is either a James Bond knockoff or a parody of some sort. Some are hilarious (Austin Powers movies come to mind) and some were so bad we wish we could forget them but there are a few that are so camp they become instant classics (Our Man Flint).

Hong Kong’s top comedian Stephen Chow might have created the latter with From Beijing With Love.
Stephen Chow is famous for creating comedies with his special brand of double innuendos, puns and a wink at popular movies from the West and East. The breakout movies he directed Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Shuffle gave him super stardom worldwide but From Beijing With Love became a hit years before he became known as a hit director and endeared him to Asian and European fans before the U.S. ever heard of him. The movie also made over 60 million HK, which is more than healthy for a Hong Kong comedy. Unfortunately, the movie was banned in China due to the fact that it rubbed the Chinese government the wrong way by making fun of it.
If you ever get a chance to see this Asian Bond knockoff, look for parodies of the movies, Living Daylights as well as MoonRaker .

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  1. hi
    great movie i really loves the part when the hero was caught and sent to death by shooting. Thinking about escaping the hero want to do the sympathy approach but the soldier shot the blind man who said he is wrongly accused. Thinking about saying he knows the general but the soldier shot two brothers who claimed to be the general sons. Lastly (or is it the first) he thought of using his great kung fu to leap from the prison but was beaten by another kung fu expert who leap to above the wall but was shot with a bazooka. Finally he just bribe them and they just let him go…

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